Song Meter Micro Firmware

4.5 (2024-06-13)
  • Uses the first 11 characters of the recorder name as the volume label after formatting an SD card in the recorder. By default, the recorder name is the serial number and can be changed in the recorder settings.
  • Clears "Dirty" card status after reformatting an SD card without power cycling the recorder.
4.4 (2024-05-01)
  • Allows underscore character(s) to be used in the Recorder Name field. Requires version 2.2 or later of the Song Meter Configurator app on iOS or Android or version 4.4.1 or later of the desktop configurator on Mac or Windows.
4.3 (2024-04-03)
  • Fixes an issue with reverse signed longitude in GUANO metadata.
4.2 (2024-02-01)
  • Add name for existing column headers for NS and EW in summary file.
  • Add volume label "WildlifeAco" when formatting FAT32 and exFat cards.
  • Minor fixes to FAT32 implementation.
4.1 (2023-12-26)
  • Compatibility with the new Micro 2 recorders.
  • Fixes an issue with GPS coordinates in GUANO when coordinates were within one degree of the prime meridian.
  • Improves the exFat filesystem formatting for compatibility with some Linux kernels.
3.7 (2023-05-01)
  • Fixes reporting of Prefix in unpaired beacons after configuration change.
  • Fixes representation of negative temperatures in metadata.
3.6 (2022-11-02)
  • Modify manufacturing diagnostics (no customer-visible changes)
3.5 (2022-10-10)
  • Improvements to calibration and signal level reporting
3.4 (2022-07-15)
  • Significantly reduced noise in recordings, SNR going from 70dB to 73dB (A-weighted).
  • Significantly improved battery life, going from 150 hours of recording time to 180 hours (using three alkaline AA batteries).
  • Now when loading a configuration with a 0 latitude and 0 longitude from an SD card, any existing coordinates are not overwritten.
  • Fixes a bug where loading a configuration with a different time zone from an SD card would not automatically adjust the clock.
3.3 (2022-06-10)
  • Fixes a rare condition in which a Micro recorder’s configuration can
    become corrupted resulting in the recorder freezing or not making proper
3.2 (2022-04-01)
  • Now more accurately ends or continues recordings at midnight as defined by the schedule blocks' date range and day duty cycle settings.
  • Changes to improve the app's ability to report the Remaining Recording Period Time accurately.
  • Improves internal diagnostic check
  • Decreases recording noise when using 6 dB gain.
  • Fixes erroneous Micro battery voltage readings after formatting a Micro SD card.
2.9 (2021-06-03)

• Improves DC offset in recordings.

• Fixes the app freezing when resetting defaults on the recorder or loading a configuration from an SD card.

• Fixes a bug where schedules with large time offsets can cause the recorder to freeze, reboot, or act erratically.

• Improves SD card status and error reporting to the app.

• Improves SD card reliability.


Initial release

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