How To Prevent SM4/SM4Bat Recorders From Leaking

The SM4 family of recorders are designed with all kinds of weather in mind, and will not let in any water under normal circumstances. However, there are a few routine checks that should be done to make sure that your recorder is as weatherproof as it was when you received it:

  • Examine the black rubber gaskets around the edge of the front and back of the control panel. The gasket should be free of debris and tears. Note that exposure to unusually high levels of UV can soften or degrade the rubber, and DEET, a common ingredient in insect repellant, is known to degrade the plastic used in the SM4's enclosure. Some plant oils may also soften the SM4's rubber gasket over extended periods of exposure. When possible, avoid contact with insect repellants, and in very sunny areas, consider covering the SM4's gasket with some opaque tape or cloth. Replacement gaskets are easy to install and can be ordered by contacting our sales team.
  • Avoid putting strain on the SM4's case by mounting it too tightly. This can create torque that causes the SM4's case to open slightly. Note that trees can sometimes grow rapidly enough to cause further strain on equipment that has been mounted on them.
  • Ensure the hexagonal pressure vent on the right side of the recorder and the nuts holding the microphones in place are hand-tightened and undamaged. Pressure vents can be purchased from our sales team. To get any damaged microphone ports repaired, please contact our support team.
  • Ensure that the built-in microphones on a (non-bat, non-ultrasonic) SM4 are hand-tightened and that the wires connecting these microphones to the SM4's motherboard are tucked into place so they won't get wedged in between two sections of the SM4 housing. This is particularly important to keep in mind when installing replacement microphones on an SM4.
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