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Faunatech has been designing, building and deploying state of the art wildlife surveillance cameras for over 15 years. Our first models were based on 35mm film cameras, well before the advent of the digital camera revolution. Likewise, our early video systems were VHS tape based developments.

We have been proud participants in a number of important endangered species programs, whereby we have developed customized surveillance systems specific to the task, including field collaboration for system refinement, as well as providing end-user training.

Over the years we have learned what works reliably, what is field practical and what configuration suits a particular scenario. Our current FaunaFocus camera, associated sensors and peripherals represent the culmination of this process of refinement.

To offer even greater scope to our range, we have in recent times added a number of carefully selected cameras sourced from other manufacturers. We are fortunate that we are able to draw on many years of our own experience, coupled with familiarity with the wide range of other camera brands, to represent equipment that meets our standards.

In short, we know a great deal about wildlife surveillance cameras!

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