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SongStream Remote Access Solution

For customers conducting passive acoustic surveys in difficult to access areas, Song Stream is an end-to-end solution for remote access to the SM2+ or SM2BAT+ for status and recorded data transfer via Next G cellular or satellite networks.

Receive status notifications that your Song Meter SM2+ or SM2BAT+ is operating as expected.

Access current memory card consumption and power capacity of your deployed system without having to be onsite.

Remotely upload recordings to the web portal for easy viewing. Please note, the satellite version can only be configured for status information and is not available for file transfers of recordings.

Data uploaded to the Cloud is redundantly stored at separate geographic facilities.

Download recordings from the web portal to your desktop.

GPRS, UMTS and Satellite transmission methods are supported (must be selected at time of ordering).

Web portal access can be based on project groups with different credential levels (admin, read/write, read only).

Select from several data plans to meet your needs and budget.

Post purchase upgrade or operation with older SM2 or SM2BAT models not supported. Song stream must be ordered in conjunction with an SM2+ or SM2BAT+.

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