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Echo Meter EM3+ Handheld Active Ultrasonic Bat Detector

EM3+ $1565 Excl GST

The previous generation Echo Meter EM3+ is a fantastic cost effective tool designed for active bat monitoring.

Small enough for one hand operation yet loaded with features. Impressively, the EM3+ offers all of the popular monitoring methodologies: Heterodyne; Frequency Division and Time Expansion in addition to Wildlife Acoustics’ proprietary Real Time Expansion. Both Full Spectrum and Frequency Division recording are offered.

At its core lies processing and functionality derived from the time proven Song Meter platform. The EM3+ however includes a spectrogram to view bat passes in real time or recall and view recent passes.

The EM3+ is a real winner- small, light and self contained, with versatile recording options and spectrogram at a price far lower than competing offerings.

  • Slip the EM3+ into your backpack.
  • View bat echolocations via the built-in real-time spectrogram to facilitate in-field identification
  • Zoom in and out of current and recent bat passes while continuing to monitor and record.
  • Record to 16-bit full spectrum WAV files for instant analysis in compatible software.
  • Easily and quickly convert files to zero crossing using our free Kaleidoscope conversion software.
  • While recording, listen to bat calls using our patent pending Real Time Expansion mode, which delivers the maximum amount of spectral and temporal information about the bat echolocation call in real-time.
  • Monitor in Heterodyne mode, either using Auto-Het, programmed presets or manual tuning.
  • Playback bat calls in Time Expansion mode at desired speed to hear details of the call.
  • Categorize or tag a bat call in real-time in one of four categories to facilitate post processing.
  • Select sample rates of 256kHz or 384kHz.
  • Monitor bat calls with headphones or the built-in speaker.
  • Capture voice notes and bat passes in the same trigger for direct correlation.
  • Map bat signal to location with GPS accessory.
  • Record driven transects with optional, vehicle mounted cable and microphone.

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