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Song Meter SMZC Bat Detector/ Recorder

Quick Facts:

A feature-rich yet economical zero-crossing bioacoustics bat call recorder.

• Achieve 40+ nights of bat recording on a single set of C-Cell batteries.
• Weatherproof, light and robust housing with integral mounting brackets.
• Use ready-to-roll inbuilt record scenarios, or program the device to suit your specific needs.
• Both the inbuilt internal and optional external mics feature the prized Knowles FG element.
• Optional inbuilt GPS logs precise time and location data to your recording files.


Capable ● Lightweight ● Affordable ● Weatherproof

The SMZC is the latest product release from the world renowned Wildlife Acoustics of the USA. This new ultrasonic recorder employs Zero Cross technology, resulting in a highly capable yet affordable workhorse for researchers who prefer to work within the Zero Cross domain.
The SMZC borrows many of the best features of Wildlife Acoustics’ top-of-the-line Song Meter SM3BAT. It is weatherproof, energy efficient and budget friendly to boot.

The SMZC is a very versatile and user-friendly device, featuring innovative recording features, a built-in weatherproof Knowles FG microphone (or optional external FG mic), GPS logging capability and clever in-the-field self-monitoring to help you get the most out of your field efforts. And at around AUD $1000.00, the SMZC is not only the best performing zero crossing recorder available, but also the most economical.

Start recording right out of the box.

The Song Meter SMZC comes out-of-the box with selectable recording programs, including night time and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Just turn on the unit (batteries and SD card are included), pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to begin recording immediately. Alternatively, you can create customized, sophisticated schedules and settings to suit your exact needs.

Carry several Song Meter SMZC recorders into the field.

The Song Meter SMZC's small size and lightweight design allow you to pack several into a daypack. Mounting in the field is made easy due to the housing’s integrated mounting tabs. An optional security housing is available too.

Program in the field or in the office.

You can pre-program your SMZC via a free interface application on your computer, then transfer these settings to one or many recorders via an SD card before deployment. Of course the Song Meter SMZC can also be programmed or modified in the field via the recorder's keypad.

Record up to 40 nights in zero crossing format.

Time is money! The SMZC was designed to reduce your cost of ownership. Since the SMZC records in zero crossing format, power consumption is minimal and flash card storage requirements are far smaller. The SMZC's power-efficient design will capture up to an impressive seven weeks' worth of echolocation data running on just four C-sized batteries.

Value-add with the optional GPS antenna.

The SMZC GPS accessory lets you automatically set the date and time plus latitude and longitude of the recorder. It also logs the path and locations for all recordings, a useful feature when conducting mobile transects.

Monitor in the field in real-time.

If you want to hear bat activity in real time, or confirm that your recorder is operating as expected, the Song Meter SMZC has an integrated earphone jack inside the enclosure. Simply open the lid and plug in ear buds or headphones to monitor the action right there and then.

Use an optional ultrasonic microphone.

Should deployments require driving transects, you can equip the SMZC with an optional SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone. The SMM-U1 uses the same weatherproof Knowles FG element that is used in the SM3BAT. A 3 metre cable affords plenty of length to mount the microphone on any vehicle roof.


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